Sensations™ System Fitted to BETTE Double Ended Bath

Pegasus Sensations Whirlpool System fitted to 3rd Party BETTE Double Ended Baths

This option is for a Pegasus Whirlpool System fitted to a 3rd Party Bath. Simply select the options you require then click calculate price. Full retail prices are listed, if you have a discount code simply apply it when you reach the checkout.

The bath shape below may not be identical to the bath you are supplying to us. Double ended baths can be rectangular, hexagonal, octagonal or other. The main thing to look out for is the central waste and identical sloping foot/back ends. If you are unsure whether the options below would be suitable for your bath, please contact us.

Please Note: We only install our Pegasus Whirlpool systems on to BETTE steel baths. This is due to the high quality enamel used on the BETTE range. Steel baths supplied by other manufacturers are prone to chipping, therefore we do not recommend fitting a whirlpool system to them.

More information on the options available..
You may require a bit more information about some of the Pegasus Sensations™ whirlpool systems & features, if not already done so, click on the expanding links below or give us a call on: (01633) 244555 for some advice.
The Jets - click to expand/collapse
Pegasus Sensations™ - SensaJet™
SensaJet™ - These are what we consider to be our "standard" type of whirlpool jet. They have a protrusion of about 1cm from the bath & are rounded on the sides for ergonomic comfort.
Pegasus Sensations™ - Flush Jet
Flush Jets - Flush jets are considered to be a elegant upgrade from our SensaJet™. Flush jets sit almost completly flat to the surface of the bath with only about 1mm protrusion. Sleek & stylish, flush jets are quickly becoming our most popular choice when customers are designing their own bespoke Pegasus whirlpool bath.
Pegasus Sensations™ -  Quadro Jet
Quadro Jets - An alternative whirlpool jet choice that gives a unique square look to you whirlpool bath. Quadro Jets offer a ultra modern, contemporary option that accompany a minimalists decor perfectly. Quadro jets also have an adjustable eyeball that allow the bather to direct the flow of air into the bath.
Hydro-pools - click to expand/collapse
Pegasus Sensations™ - Hydro-pools
Hydro-pools - Hydro-Sensation™ is the name we have given to the Hydrotherapy/Spa jets that provide the bather with a lovelly bubbling & soothing effect that comes from the base of the bath.

We now have a flush fit spa jet that is thinner in depth than a 20 pence piece! Designed to compliment the whirlpool flush jets, these jets will be fitted as standard when you purchase your Pegasus whirlpool bath & add a Hydropool to it.
Chromotherapy Lighting - click to expand/collapse
Pegasus Sensations™ - Chromotherapy Lighting
Chromotherapy Lighting - Pegasus Whirlpool Baths UK are proud to re-introduce their new & improved Chromotherapy Whirlpool Bathtubs. Pegasus Whirlpool Bath first introduced their Chromobath range in 2009 when they proved an immediate success with an increased demand for tubs to be installed into care homes and disability centres. We also recieved an overwhelming response from people who installed our Chromotherapy Massage Tubs into their homes for therapy purposes such as anxiety, insomnia & in particular, from those who suffer from depressive disorders such as seasonal affective disorder known more commonly as SAD.

Our new & improved Chromotherapy Whirlpool Baths focus more on the therapeutic qualities of colour. Our super high-flow venturi incorporate bright chromotherapy lighting which provides a superb all round lighting effect in the bath and include 5 preset programs promoting ENERGY, TONIC, RELAX, SUN and DREAM. Chromotherapy lighting can be used with or without the whirlpool massage.
Extended Warranty - click to expand/collapse
Pegasus Sensations™ - Extended Warranty
2 Year Warranty, Extendable For Life - All Pegasus Whirlpool Baths are supplied with FREE 2-Year Parts & Labour Warranty- Extendable for life!

We are confident you won't experience many faults in the lifetime of your Pegasus Whirlpool bath and to prove it we're giving you the first 2 years absolutely FREE! All whirlpool bathtub parts are sourced from reliable manufactures in Italy and the UK producing high quality, durable components. Chances are, once you've installed your Pegasus Whirlpool Bath, we won't hear another peep from you... other than when you're stocking up on your favourite aromatherapy oils of course!

Pegasus Sensations™ Sensa Jet 4G Whirlpool System RRP From:
1,266.60 Inc VAT

Please Note: If you have a discount code or coupon, you can use it when you reach the checkout. The price is currently showing full RRP.

Make your whirlpool bath selections:

Select your bath (this is the bath you will be supplying to us) - NB: If you don't see your bath on this list, please conatct us.

Choose your controls

(All systems include 8 jets as standard) Glass control includes more features as standard, these include: Turbo Whirlpool, blowdry of pipework (Autopurge) & 4 Chromotherapy Lights.

Control Options: <p align="center"><font color="#009483"><strong>Pneumatic</strong></font></p>


Control Options: <p align="center"><font color="#009483"><strong>Electronic</strong></font></p>


Control Options: <p align="center"><font color="#009483"><strong>Black (glass)</strong></font></p>

Black (glass)

Control Options: <p align="center"><font color="#009483"><strong>White (glass)</strong></font></p>

White (glass)

Control Options: <p align="center"><font color="#009483"><strong>Silver (glass)</strong></font></p>

Silver (glass)

Control Options

Control bath or wall mounted?
Please choose one of the pre determined control positions below.
NOTE: Pegasus Sensations™ Glass Control cannot be fitted onto the ledge of a STEEL bath and therefore must be 'Wall Mounted'

Control Options: <p align="center"><font color="#009483"><strong>Position C1</strong></font></p>

Position C1

Control Options: Control Position 02 Control Position 02

Control Options: <p align="center"><font color="#009483"><strong>Position C3</strong></font></p>

Position C3

Control Options: <p align="center"><font color="#009483"><strong>Position C4</strong></font></p>

Position C4

Control Options: Control Position 05 Control Position 05

Control Options: <p align="center"><font color="#009483"><strong>Position C6</strong></font></p>

Position C6

Control Options: <p align="center"><font color="#009483"><strong>Wall Mounted</strong></font></p>

Wall Mounted

Control Options

Add Lumbar/Plantar Jets to Position A?

Area A:

Area A:

Area A:

Area A:

Area A:

Area A:

Area A:

Area A:

Area A:

Area A:

Area A:

Area A:

Area A:

Area A:
Area A

Add Lumbar/Plantar Jets to Position B?

Area B:

Area B:

Area B:

Area B:

Area B:

Area B:

Area B:

Area B:

Area B:

Area B:

Area B:

Area B:

Area B:

Area B:
Area B





Upgrade to Chromotherapy Lighting?

If you have selected our unique SENSATIONS™ glass control, the maximum of 4 Chromotherapy lights are already included - you dont need to select any here. If you have selected our ELECTRONIC control, you can add up to 4 Chromotherapy lights by clicking on the appropriate box below. If you have selected PNEUMATIC controls, and wish to add Chromotherapy, you will need to upgrade to ELECTRONIC controls.

Chromotherapy Upgrade: <p align="center"><font color="#009483"><strong>No Lights</strong></font></p>

No Lights

Chromotherapy Upgrade: <p align="center"><font color="#009483"><strong>One Light</strong></font></p>

One Light

Chromotherapy Upgrade: <p align="center"><font color="#009483"><strong>Two Lights</strong></font></p>

Two Lights

Chromotherapy Upgrade: <p align="center"><font color="#009483"><strong>Three Lights</strong></font></p>

Three Lights

Chromotherapy Upgrade: <p align="center"><font color="#009483"><strong>Four Lights</strong></font></p>

Four Lights

Chromotherapy Upgrade

System Drain Pop-Up Waste

Please select either the standard System Drain Waste or upgrade to a System Drain Waste with Bath Fill Overflow or to a Deck Mounted, Thermostatic Bath Filler Kit.

System Drain Pop-Up Waste: <p align="center"><font color="#009483"><strong>Standard</strong></font></p>


System Drain Pop-Up Waste: <p align="center"><font color="#009483"><strong>Bath Fill</strong></font></p>

Bath Fill

System Drain Pop-Up Waste: <p align="center"><font color="#009483"><strong>Deck Mounted</strong></font></p>

Deck Mounted

System Drain Pop-Up Waste

Select your preferred position of pump

The pump(s) should be positioned somewhere where they can be accessed easily if a fault occurs. If you are tiling the bath in, be sure to leave an access panel close to the pump.

Select pump side: <p align="center"><font color="#009483"><strong>Position A</strong></font></p>

Position A

Select pump side: <p align="center"><font color="#009483"><strong>Position B</strong></font></p>

Position B

Select pump side: <p align="center"><font color="#009483"><strong>Bespoke</strong></font></p>


Select pump side

 Tap Holes - If you require Tap Holes, please tick the box, we will contact you for dimensions and positions.

 In-line Water Heater - Add an In-line Water Heater? Keeps the water temperature allowing you to bathe for longer.

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