FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q.1 - If the control is mounted on the bath can we decide where it is positioned?
A.1 - Yes, simply send us a diagram.

Q.2 - Are all parts accessible and serviceable?
A.2 - The Pegasus Whirlpool Baths are designed to be easily accessible to parts which may wear out. When choosing your bath you will be offered a choice of positions for the Pump and the controls. On this basis we will install all mechanical and electrical parts where possible close to the pump on the basis that you will have chose the pump position for ease of access in the future should it be necessary. Where the bath is tiled in it is important that your installer creates an access panel in the tiled surround. Any questions about positioning of electrics and pumps please call us on 01633 244555.

Q.3 - Can all part chrome jets be replaced from inside the bath?
A.3 - Yes the covers can replaced at any point from inside the bath.

Q.4 - Can I use any set of taps with a Pegasus whirlpool bath?
A.4 - Yes you can, providing that there is sufficient space on the bath to accommodate all the taps – if in doubt give us a call.

Q.5 - If I choose to fill the bath through the Pegasus Bath Filler, do I need to purchase anything else?
A.5 - Yes you need to purchase “side bodies” or shower valve. Side bodies can be mounted on the bath or on the wall and are simply taps with out the spout – the water is sent from the side body to the Bath Fill on the overflow. If you are having a shower over your bath, try and purchase one which has a diverter valve so that the water can be diverted to the Pegasus Bath Fill Overflow. Diverting water from a Thermostatic Shower Valve is very popular with parents who have young children as they are protected from scalding water.

Q.6 - What size is the connection to the bath filler 15mm or 22mm?
A.6 - The Pegasus bath filler has a 15mm connection.

Q.7 - What size is the Sensations whirlpool control?
A.7 - 57mm x 190mm

Q.8 - Can I have a Pegasus Whirlpool fitted to a Steel Bath?
A.8 - Yes, We fit our whirlpool systems to most of the BETTE range of steel baths. We will be adding BETTE Steel Baths to our website shortly. In the meantime please could you call us and we will provide you with a quotation for the bath and system. We do not fit Pegasus whirlpool systems to any other make of steel baths other than BETTE.

Q.9 - How long is the Guarantee?
A.9 - Two years from the Installation of the bath. We actually work on a period of two years and two months.

Q.10 - What happens after the guarantee runs out?
A.10 - Pegasus Whirlpool baths are designed for Longevity using Parts which are manufactured in UK and Europe. We would like to think that our whirlpool baths have a life expectancy of at least ten years. However for peace of mind we offer a unique extended warranty. When the initial Warranty runs out, the warranty can be extended on an annual basis for as many years as you like. If a part fails due to fair wear and tear, the consumer is covered for parts and labour. Our “oldest” customer took an extended warranty out in 1997 and is still covered today.

Q.11 - Is the warranty transferrable?
A.11 - Yes, Pegasus warranties apply to Pegasus Whirlpool baths, not the customer!

Q.12 - Your baths don’t have tap holes?
A.12 - We can drill tap holes for you as required – better though, is for your plumber to drill them for you, as you can decide on the positioning right up to the last minute.

Q.13 - Even with all those choices for pump, jet and control positions there is nothing there that suits my situation – what can you do?
A.13 - All Pegasus Whirlpool Baths are built by hand using real people with years of experience. (Our Director was inspired at an early age by the Morgan Car factory) We pride ourselves in being able to provide solutions to suit our customer’s requirements – we wouldn’t be able to do this using robots, but it is readily achievable by our experienced technicians. - We embrace technology in our whirlpool systems, but value the experience and personal touch of our engineers. We would be happy to build a whirlpool system to your requirements – it won’t take much longer than a normal bath and will normally only cost £40 extra.

Q.14 - Can I have an inline heater fitted to the bath?
A.14 - Yes, but it is better just to fill the bath with hot water from your hot water tap as you would do normally – the action of a whirlpool bath will not cool the water any quicker than a normal bath. In fact, the friction caused by the water going through the pump has a warming action and will actually maintain the temperature for longer.

Q.15 - What is a “Turbo Whirlpool”?
A.15 - Much the same as a turbo charger in a car. We use an Air Blower to force air into the venturi’s natural airstream which increases the power of the whirlpool considerably.

Q.16 - Although you have a large choice of Pegasus Whirlpool baths, there isn’t a shape or size that we want…?
A.16 - Find a bath that you like and we will collect it and convert it into a Pegasus whirlpool bath! – Speak to us to discuss this before you buy the bath just in case, but there are not many baths that we have not fitted a Pegasus whirlpool system to.