Pegasus Whirlpool baths - Whirlpool Jets

Your choice of jets for your Pegasus Whirlpool bath

Pegasus Whirlpool Baths give you the choice of three jet styles to choose from when designing your bespoke whirlpool bath. The jets are all chrome coloured as standard although any other colour can be supplied (including gold) at only 10% surcharge of the original price. Below are the three different jet types we offer for your Pegasus whirlpool bath.

Pegasus Whirlpoo Baths - Flush fit spa jets

NEW Flush Fit Spa Jets

We now have a NEW flush fit spa jet that is thinner in depth than a 20 pence piece! Designed to compliment the whirlpool flush jets, these jets will be fitted as standard when you purchase your Pegasus whirlpool bath & add a Hydropool to it.

Pegasus Whirlpoo Baths - SensaJet™


These are what we consider to be our "standard" type of whirlpool jet. They have a protrusion of about 1cm from the bath & are rounded on the sides for ergonomic comfort.

Pegasus Whirlpoo Baths - Flush Jet

Flush Jets

Flush jets are considered to be a elegant upgrade from our SensaJets™. Flush jets sit almost completly flat to the surface of the bath with only about 1mm protrusion. Sleek & stylish, flush jets are quickly becoming our most popular choice when customers are designing their own bespoke Pegasus whirlpool bath.

Pegasus Whirlpoo Baths - Quadro Jet

Quadro Jets

An alternative whirlpool jet choice that gives a unique square look to you whirlpool bath. Quadro Jets offer a ultra modern, contemporary option that accompany a minimalists decor perfectly. Quadro jets also have an adjustable eyeball that allow the bather to direct the flow of air into the bath.

All three types of Pegasus whirlpool jet are manufactured in the EU & are made from chrome plated, plastic which has been tested for quality & durability. Our established craftsmen hand fit each one via a screw in fitting & seal them with a water resistant silicone sealent front & back for a perfect water tight finish.

Below is a selection of Pegasus whirlpool jet images

Pegasus Whirlpool Baths have three stylish jet types to choose from. Here we have a selection of images of baths we have fitted using all three kinds (SensaJet™, Flush Jet & Quadro Jet).

Pegasus Whirlpool Baths - Pegasus Sensations™ - Whirlpool Jets Gallery

Pegasus Whirlpool Bath are proud to be British. All our whirlpool baths are manufactured in the UK by our experienced whirlpool bath technicians and are quality tested before leaving our workshop.