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Pegasus Sensations™ BETTE Starlet Sensa Jet 4G Whirlpool Bath From:
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Make your whirlpool bath selections:

Now that you have selected the bath you want & the type of whirlpool jets to go with it, you are now ready to choose the whirlpool components you want & place your order Below.

Select your bath size

The Pegasus Sensations™ BETTE Starlet Steel Bath is available in 10 sizes: 1600x650mm, 1600x700mm, 1650x700mm, 1700x700mm, 1700x750mm, 1750x800mm, 1800x750mm, 1800x800mm, 1850x850mm & 1900x900mm.

Bath Sizes: <p align="center"><font color="#009483"><strong>1600x650mm</strong></font></p>


Bath Sizes: <p align="center"><font color="#009483"><strong>1600x700mm</strong></font></p>


Bath Sizes: <p align="center"><font color="#009483"><strong>1650x700mm</strong></font></p>


Bath Sizes: <p align="center"><font color="#009483"><strong>1700x700mm</strong></font></p>


Bath Sizes: <p align="center"><font color="#009483"><strong>1700x750mm</strong></font></p>


Bath Sizes: <p align="center"><font color="#009483"><strong>1750x800mm</strong></font></p>


Bath Sizes: <p align="center"><font color="#009483"><strong>1800x750mm</strong></font></p>


Bath Sizes: <p align="center"><font color="#009483"><strong>1800x800mm</strong></font></p>


Bath Sizes: <p align="center"><font color="#009483"><strong>1850x850mm</strong></font></p>


Bath Sizes: <p align="center"><font color="#009483"><strong>1900x900mm</strong></font></p>


Bath Sizes

Choose your controls

(All systems include 8 jets as standard) Glass control includes more features as standard, these include: Turbo Whirlpool, blowdry of pipework (Autopurge) & 4 Chromotherapy Lights.

Control Options: <p align="center"><font color="#009483"><strong>Pneumatic</strong></font></p>


Control Options: <p align="center"><font color="#009483"><strong>Electronic</strong></font></p>


Control Options: <p align="center"><font color="#009483"><strong>Black (glass)</strong></font></p>

Black (glass)

Control Options: <p align="center"><font color="#009483"><strong>White (glass)</strong></font></p>

White (glass)

Control Options: <p align="center"><font color="#009483"><strong>Silver (glass)</strong></font></p>

Silver (glass)

Control Options

Control bath or wall mounted?
Please choose one of the pre determined control positions below.

Control Options: <p align="center"><font color="#009483"><strong>Position C1</strong></font></p>

Position C1

Control Options: <p align="center"><font color="#009483"><strong>Position C3</strong></font></p>

Position C3

Control Options: <p align="center"><font color="#009483"><strong>Position C4</strong></font></p>

Position C4

Control Options: <p align="center"><font color="#009483"><strong>Position C6</strong></font></p>

Position C6

Control Options: <p align="center"><font color="#009483"><strong>Wall Mounted</strong></font></p>

Wall Mounted

Control Options

Add Lumbar/Plantar Jets to Position A?

Area A:

Area A:

Area A:

Area A:

Area A:

Area A:

Area A:

Area A:

Area A:

Area A:

Area A:

Area A:

Area A:

Area A:
Area A

Add Lumbar/Plantar Jets to Position B?

Area B:

Area B:

Area B:

Area B:

Area B:

Area B:

Area B:

Area B:

Area B:

Area B:

Area B:

Area B:

Area B:

Area B:
Area B





Upgrade to Chromotherapy Lighting?

If you have selected our unique SENSATIONS™ glass control, the maximum of 4 Chromotherapy lights are already included - you dont need to select any here. If you have selected our ELECTRONIC control, you can add up to 4 Chromotherapy lights by clicking on the appropriate box below. If you have selected PNEUMATIC controls, and wish to add Chromotherapy, you will need to upgrade to ELECTRONIC controls.

Chromotherapy Upgrade: <p align="center"><font color="#009483"><strong>No Lights</strong></font></p>

No Lights

Chromotherapy Upgrade: <p align="center"><font color="#009483"><strong>One Light</strong></font></p>

One Light

Chromotherapy Upgrade: <p align="center"><font color="#009483"><strong>Two Lights</strong></font></p>

Two Lights

Chromotherapy Upgrade: <p align="center"><font color="#009483"><strong>Three Lights</strong></font></p>

Three Lights

Chromotherapy Upgrade: <p align="center"><font color="#009483"><strong>Four Lights</strong></font></p>

Four Lights

Chromotherapy Upgrade

System Drain Pop-Up Waste

Please select either the standard System Drain Waste or upgrade to a System Drain Waste with Bath Fill Overflow or to a Deck Mounted, Thermostatic Bath Filler Kit.

System Drain Pop-Up Waste: <p align="center"><font color="#009483"><strong>Standard</strong></font></p>


System Drain Pop-Up Waste: <p align="center"><font color="#009483"><strong>Bath Fill</strong></font></p>

Bath Fill

System Drain Pop-Up Waste: <p align="center"><font color="#009483"><strong>Deck Mounted</strong></font></p>

Deck Mounted

System Drain Pop-Up Waste

Select your preferred position of pump

The pump(s) should be positioned somewhere where they can be accessed easily if a fault occurs. If you are tiling the bath in, be sure to leave an access panel close to the pump.

Select pump side: <p align="center"><font color="#009483"><strong>Position A</strong></font></p>

Position A

Select pump side: <p align="center"><font color="#009483"><strong>Position B</strong></font></p>

Position B

Select pump side: <p align="center"><font color="#009483"><strong>Bespoke</strong></font></p>


Select pump side

 Tap Holes - If you require Tap Holes, please tick the box, we will contact you for dimensions and positions.

 In-line Water Heater - Add an In-line Water Heater? Keeps the water temperature allowing you to bathe for longer.

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