Page: Chromotherapy Whirlpool Baths by Pegasus

Our Chromotherapy Baths

Relax, Recuperate and Revive in a Pegasus Chromatherapy Bath

There’s much more to a Pegasus chromotherapy bathing system than the beneficial effects of colour therapy. Our beautifully designed baths provide a personal paradise where you can escape the world, soothe your body and calm your mind. As well as 6 adjustable chromotherapy jets supplying energising light across the spectrum, all our chromotherapy baths incorporate microjets in the back and foot areas to deliver intense hydrotherapy around the entire body. All this is incorporated in a Superdeep design (minimum 400mm deep), allowing full-body immersion for the ultimate bathing experience.

Add to this the Pegasus range of low foaming aromatherapy bath oils, all superior blends containing 3% essential oils, and you have the most effective means of releasing the full potential of essential oils to work on both the mind and body.

So whether you want to unwind in an atmosphere of tranquillity, soothe aching muscles, stimulate your mind or just enjoy the fun of a Whirlpool, Pegasus chromotherapy baths provide the complete solution.

* While colour therapy may be an effective treatment for promoting relaxation and overall well-being, and as an adjunct, or complementary therapy in treating some disorders and illnesses, individuals with serious chronic or acute health problems should not rely solely on the therapy for treatment and should seek the advice of a qualified medical practitioner.